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Crystal Lake, IL Heating Repair
AFM is an HVAC company that provides residents and business owners in Crystal Lake with the finest quality service. Our new system installations utilize new technology built by top tier manufacturers. At AFM, we are an authorized dealer of Armstrong Air, Trane, and York. We can also perform service on heating and cooling systems from any other brand you currently have.

Crystal Lake’s Furnace Repair Experts!

As a Crystal Lake heating and cooling company, we understand the local climate. Much like our neighbors in Chicago, we have extremely hot summers and icy cold winters. Crystal Lake temperatures can be even more extreme than neighboring suburbs, due to the large surrounding rural area. Crystal Lake also lacks the urban heat island effect, so we have colder nights and significantly less rain than surrounding areas.

We specialize in furnace repairs, and ensuring that you aren’t left in the cold during our harsh Crystal Lake winters. With emergency services available 24/7, you can rest assured that even if you do have a furnace issue, AFM will be there to help!

Crystal Lake Heating Repair & Service

Our coldest month is January, with average high temperatures in the 20s. Night time low temps average in the vicinity of 8 °F. Our low temperatures in winter can even fall below 0 °F for up to twenty days per year. Our coldest nights fall as low as -20 °F. Winter snowfalls in Crystal Lake can accumulate up to 40 in of snow. Our largest snowstorms deliver 12 in of snow in a single day! Our harsh winter snowstorms are caused by Panhandle hooks and can quickly sneak up on us. This is all the more reason to keep your heating system in top condition!

Crystal Lake Air Conditioning

Crystal Lake typically sets record high temperatures in July, averaging as high as 86 °F. Our peak days of summer frequently exceed 95 °F and 100 °F, so a well maintained air conditioning system is crucial! Don’t sacrifice your comfort!

HVAC Repair Services in Crystal Lake IL:

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